English 1A SPED

This week my students have been amazing! They have asked meaningful questions, produced precise and creative posters (see below) and respectfully and productively participated in a meaningful debate about a book we are starting. The conversation worked its way into complex concepts considering the implications of solitude and self reflection. Great work, G period!


2015 Persuasive Essay Contest

Makay Haynes wrote a dazzling essay discussing Adolescent Homelessness. All proceeds from our school carnival will go towards supporting her cause. Great Job, Makay!

Read her essay here ———————> Makay Haynes

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As the teaching season wraps up, the assignments come together.

This year I was faced with a challenge that I wasn’t sure I could overcome: SPED English. At first it seemed impossible. I found myself in tears after the very first period and continued to struggle throughout the year. I would be lying if I didn’t say I have been looking forward to the close of this semester since day one. Today, on the eve of the last day, a student’s final compilation made it all worthwhile.

This particular student was a serious behavior and developmental challenge in the classroom. He suffers from a variety of ailments including the inability to read, Autism and OCD. Here is his 10 chapter story that he has been working on all year. I couldn’t be prouder and will let his accomplishment speak for itself from here ————–> MINECRAFT ADVENTURE