How to become a literature searching ninja

On being a brave text decoding warrior.

In a world where simplified, concise information and answers are available at the touch of a button or a verbal command of “Ok, google”, knowing how to sift through complex text is becoming more and more foreign to students. Here’s a pretty cool article offering advice on decoding and breaking down text to make it more manageable.

————————–> How to become a literature searching ninja.


If My Words are Worth Nothing, Why Are You Stealing Them?

Relevant and thought-provoking commentary about modern day plagiarism.

days like crazy paving

A few days ago, I noticed that people were sharing around my blog post “Muslim, queer, feminist: it’s as complicated as it sounds” without including my Twitter username. Not a huge deal – they were linking back to my blog, so I was still getting clicks and page views out of it – but it was a little disconcerting (not bad, just disconcerting) to realise that my work was being shared around by people who didn’t even know me and therefore couldn’t directly credit me as the creator.

People keep telling me this is a consequence of “fame” (I wasn’t even aware that I was famous!) – that people will share your work without letting you know about it. I suppose I can live with that, as long as people aren’t just copy-pasting words of mine without any kind of course or attribution…

…which is exactly what happened to me…

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