A Dream Deferred- English II Poetry Modeling Contest Winners

A Star Deferred

By Ivan Llanos

What happens to a star deferred?

Does it shine

like a diamond?

Or give light like the sun–

And then shoot across the sky?

Does it get brighter like fire?

Or explode the sky–

like dynamite?

Maybe it just sparkles

Like a candle.

Or does it glow?

A Hope Deferred

By Justin Woodard

What happens to a hope deferred?

Does it dry up

like a California town?

Or feel like a massage–

And then a hard slap?

Does it inspire us like our favorite Musician?

Or let us down–

like a terrible ending?

Maybe it just crumbles away

Like a sand castle in the water.

Or does it even exist?

A Hope Deferred

By Victor Miguel

What happens to a hope deferred?

Does it fade away

like a distant memory?

Or burn to crisps like paper set aflame–

And then disappear in the breeze?

Does it fly away like the smog in the sky?

Or sink–

like that rock in the pond?

Maybe it just left

Like a relative without saying goodbye.

Or does it just…die?

A Driver’s License Deferred

By Daniel Ramirez

What happens to a driver’s license deferred?

Does it wait there

like a dog waiting for its owner to come home?

Or wait like a flower waits for water–

And then bloom?

Does it go away from your mind like an old toy?

Or does it stay on your mind–

like your girlfriend?

Maybe it’s just an object

Like a phone.

Or does it get taken for granted?

A Wish Deferred

By Sarah Gomez

What happens to a wish deferred?

Does it fade away

like an old photograph?

Or disappear like the sun at night–

And then return once again?

Does it wither like a dead tree?

Or do you remember it faintly–

like a distant memory?

Maybe it just shrinks

Like a melting candle.

Or does it burn on forever?


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